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Increasing the chances of winning Lottery

Lotteries have become very popular these days. In many countries lotteries are launched by the government itself. This is done to raise money by the government. Common people buy lotteries and the government raise money through this. Only one will win the lottery money but the money which the government raise is too high. The funding which the government raise depends on the number of tickets which the government sells to the common man. The winners are few and the winners also pay taxes to the government from the money they win. This ways also, the government earn huge amount of money. Lottery is a good way of raising funds by the government. Before buying a lottery it is important for the buyer to carefully check if the lottery is genuine or fake.

In America alone, the winner of the lottery need to pay 25% of the amount won in the form of taxes. This money goes to the government and the government use this money is some or the other form for the welfare of its country. Depending on the country the tax amount ranges from 10% to 20%. Different countries have different rules for selling and buying of lotteries.  Not only on lotteries, in most of the countries should tax be paid to the government if an individual wins money in any form. Many country levy very high taxes on the winners while few countries do not let the winners to lose so much money in the form of taxes.

If you are an avid lottery player then the best country that suits you is France and United Kingdom.  These two countries do not tax the winners. Whatever may be the prize the player wins; these two countries do not tax its citizens. This might sound too good to be actually true. But in these two countries this is the case. The winners win the complete amount and they do have to pay taxes to the government.  In Portugal, the players need to pay 20% of their winnings in the lottery to the government. In United Kingdom, many citizen play lottery and the country is said to have given huge amount of money to its citizens through lottery winnings.

The rules and regulations, terms and conditions for lotteryare different in different countries. The rules differ from country to country and sometimes from state to state.

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