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How the Gaming Community Can Become a More Tolerant Place

Online gaming sometimes gets a poor reputation based on a few ‘bad eggs’ who spoil the environment for the majority. It only takes a handful of people who go out looking to make life difficult for people - even in virtual reality - to ruin what could be one of the most social and tolerant places to spend your free time.

A lot of online gamers use the platforms to escape from their everyday lives where they might be seen as “an outcast” or at least not part of the popular crowd, whether it’s a school boy or girl playing a role-playing game or an adult playing online bingo at the recommendation of a site like Two Big Ladies who will suggest sites to the public based on a series of criteria (such as prize money, playing or membership fees and the types of games available).

These online games can give people the chance to make friends as they play and become a way of forgetting about work, school or family life for a while without having to leave their homes, which can be difficult for some.

However, a lot of online games have become the kind of place where Internet “trolls” like to wait for people who they feel they can either mentally or verbally bully, even if they never actually meet the person. This means that gamers who play to simply try and win a bit of money or to have some fun, end up having to look for alternative hobbies because they’ve been forced to give up playing something they enjoy.

That is why the gaming community as a whole is being encouraged to do its bit for everyone who plays in it, who makes it what it is today. Gaming is one of the biggest pastimes in terms of popularity, and it is becoming even more popular than ever before thanks to mobile gaming on smartphones and tablets which mean players can play anytime, anywhere.

Forums have become the go-to place for gamers to talk about the latest releases, their experiences in certain games and the place to ask questions to try and improve their skills and complete troublesome levels. However, these previously mentioned “trolls” lie in wait, to pounce on unsuspecting players who are simply asking for assistance or giving their opinion on a game.

A study at Ohio University in 2012 revealed that gamers who set their gender as female in their profiles were much more likely to receive some kind of online abuse than those who set their gender as male. In today’s age this should not be the case and influential figures in the world of online gaming such as platform owners and developers are calling for players to stick up for each other if they see any kind of abuse taking place, and to report those who are being offensive in any way - including homophobia, racism, sexism or general verbal abuse.

Gaming is an escape from reality and a place where people go to have fun, they shouldn’t be subjected to abuse so if you spot anything untoward, do your bit and report it.

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