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Tips and Strategies Helpful to Online Poker Tournament Hopefuls

Online poker tournaments are some of the most entertaining and exciting ways to win tangible cash prizes. As you are reading this, there are in fact countless thousands of individuals that are carefully developing their strategy in live poker rooms and hoping for a big win. There is little doubt that the prospect of playing in such an event and winning cold, hard cash from the comfort of one's home or apartment is extremely tempting. However, winners rely less on luck and more on skill and a proper understanding of the rules and bonuses involved. So, what are some of the best strategies that can help increase the chances of walking away with large and rewarding payouts?

Understanding the Ranking of Hands

While this may seem obvious, you may be surprised to learn how many players are confused as to the strength or weakness of a particular hand. This is very much the same as developing an adequate understanding of the poker rules, but with a practicality in mind. A good portion of this will naturally depend on the type of tournament that you are involved with. For instance, Texas Holdem online poker will have slightly different variants and hand strengths than five-card stud. Nonetheless, creating a working knowledge and even a rote memorization of all hands is absolutely essential. This will come with time, but will nonetheless be critical to walk away victorious.

Choosing the Right Platform

Determining which is the best online site to utilize is just as critical as the tournament itself. Larger and reputable sites such as are recommended, as they will offer a wider selection of tournaments and are known for their transparency and reputability. Additionally, respected sites will also provide poker freerolls as part of their bonus structure. These are valuable methods to participate in tournaments without depositing extra funds. What better way to learn than by risking nothing? Finally, the larger poker platforms will frequently offer more appreciable payouts, massive jackpots and even the ability to win a seat at the World Series of Poker and other famous events.

Play Without Emotion

This concept is indeed easier said than done. Maintaining an analytical side is fundamental in any successful strategy. Emotional players tend to approach the game with clouded judgement; particularly when the stakes are high and they are either extremely behind or ahead of their fellow players. This is obviously not an easy feat to develop, for the sheer amount of money involved in online games is growing by the day. Still, an approach needs to be taken that will all but eliminate undue amounts of emotion from the game play. This is not to say one should play as a robot (much of the fun with such platforms arises from the excitement). Instead, emotions should be kept in check.

Know When to Walk Away

Many players believe that they can break a streak of bad luck if they stubbornly continue playing. Playing poker online is just as much about sound judgement as it is about taking risks. In other words, players need to "know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em". Those who continue playing losing hands in hopes of encountering a big win are likely to lose even more. So, it is important to set a stop-loss for each and every game. Should this amount be exceeded, it is better to walk away and live to fight another day.


One of the aspects in regards to an online poker game is that it all may appear extremely "virtual". Money won or lost will sometimes feel rather fictitious as opposed to winning a hand at a live poker table. This can actually be a dangerous approach to take. Rather, a player should set limits as to how much money will be bet and when enough is enough. Although the secrets of poker games can be found throughout the Internet, this principle is not nearly stressed enough. Limits will allow us to enjoy a tournament without eating into a very real savings or checking account.

These are but a handful of tips that can help develop a winning strategy when participating in online tournaments.

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