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Evolution of lottery in Europe

The lotto europe has its own history of evolution dating back to the fifteenth century AD. Prior to that the concept of lotteries was there but it was mainly used to raise money for some public utility services or building some works for the benefit of the general mass. The concept of using the lottery as a means of individual profit and providing money to the owners by way of tickets was not there. But gradually with the passage of time the lottery changed into a form of gambling games with participation of public. The scope was further increased to include a vast populace after the advent of online lottery games.

The commencement of the first lottery in Europe can be traced back in Holland in the year 1466 when the famous painter named Jan Van Eyck started the lottery to find buyers of paintings which were too expensive to get any buyers. After this during the fifteenth and sixteenth century the winnings from the lottery constituted physical prizes in contrast with the cash prizes as offered at the present times. Even in the first English lottery held during the year 1569 have silver and tapestries as the prizes.

In 1530 we find the French government lottery taking place for tackling the tough economic condition of France. The tempo continued up to 1776 after which new law was promulgated by which the business of lottery was banned. The lotto europe made a comeback in the year 1844 with the condition that the prize money will go to some charitable fund or to promote fine arts.

The first cash prize was started in Italy with the starting of the lottery named “La Lotto Di Firenze. Since then the lotto which means luck in the Italian language continued its journey to the present form of popularity without any interruptions. The name lotto became famous in England too and many lottery games are now played in England enticing about 70% people in this game of chances. Starting from the stage of tapestries and silver the lottery games now distributes prize money in millions. The owners also accumulate enormous sums of money which is the reason why more and more companies are getting attracted to the games of lottery. This is a area of industry where you can earn fabulous profit with almost no investments. The players are mostly engaged in the games out of their adventurous zeal and excitements.


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