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3 Mistakes beginner poker players commonly make
Poker is an enthralling game, full of skill, tension and strategy – and maybe some luck according to some players. But for those beginner poker players just starting out there are some common mistakes which are often made due to novice enthusiasm and lack of experiences. So, here are three of the most frequent poker mistakes made by beginners.

Avoid Tilt
Beginner poker players should try and avoid this at all costs – because most of you won’t even realise it’s happening until it’s too late to do anything about it. Tilt is what happens when you become frustrated, confused or desperate, especially if you convinced yourself to chase your losses, and begin to play an excessive number of hands or approach the game aggressively. More experienced poker players often patiently wait for this to happen, and then simply pick you off before you know what’s happened.

Be aware of your mental state any time you’re playing poker – and if you feel it’s getting out of control – back off, take a break, or stop playing until you’re sure your head is clear and you can re-engage calmly.

Choosing a table
Most novice poker players are just all fired up and raring to play. They want to be in the thick of the action with their eye on the prize. After all, you have to be in it to win it! But beware, unless you’re careful about choosing a game or table to play – you can easily find yourself quickly outclassed and losing heavily. Take your time and observe the play before committing yourself. Try to find other players of a similar level so at least you’ll be in with a chance. But if you do find yourself out of your depth – simply quit the table and retire gracefully. Live to play another day. Being over eager to play can seriously damage your wallet!


Table overload
Many beginner poker players are seduced by the somewhat slower pace of online poker, and in some cases become bored with the ‘lack of action’. This leads them to get involved in more than one table, sometimes several, with the result that when things do heat up they find themselves completely out of their depth and unable to play strategically in all the games they’ve committed to. Avoid this by only getting involved with additional tables once you’ve proven you’re a poker winner.

As a beginner poker player, take the time to learn the basic mechanics of the game of poker and experiment with various online poker sites and Download Poker apps to gain valuable experience. You’ll be glad you did when you stop making novice mistakes and begin winning more often.

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